If you dropped in Moscow for just a couple of days and want to see more than the Red Square and Tretyakovskaya gallery, there’re a couple of options. If you arrive alone, you can order Moscow escorts models and visit the Bolshoi Theater. World-famous Bolshoi Theater (Bolshoi means “Big” in Russian) is the largest and most famous theatre in Russia and maybe even in all Eastern Europe. The Bolshoi boasts a huge auditorium that can seat over 2,000 viewers.

The auditorium is very impressive: it is luxuriously decorated in the Russian neoclassicism style of 19th century and has five tiers. Be sure to book tickets for opera or a ballet performance in advance as being in Moscow without visiting a show at the Bolshoi would be incomplete. You can buy tickets through travel agent or right at your hotel, and if you don’t want to pay a surcharge, you can purchase them at the ticket kiosk in the theatre. And this is the case when call girls in Moscow will help you because at all ticket kiosks all foreigners are charged more than locals.

Next place to visit during a short stay is the Old Arbat. This is a historical area and one of few pedestrian streets. Old Arbat has long been considered a home to Russia’s intelligence and one of main Russian cultural centers, but lately it’s turning to rather a tourist destination. Pushkin and his wife’s home was on the Arbat, and now it became a museum which is open to visitors. Still, even though the street has become commercialized, it has managed to preserve much of its original charm. Wandering there with your independent Moscow escorts, you can see a plenty of various souvenirs for sale: paintings, posters, icons, fur hats, scarves, Russian dolls, hand-painted pieces, and much more. Surely, there are dozens of cafes, bars and restaurants serving any sort of meals.